Wood chipper, branch chipper, branch grinder (wood diameter: max. 27 cm) / Lignum XL 270

2.891.350 HUF +VAT


Settlement Bács-Kiskun county, 6064 Tiszaug
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Price 2.891.350 HUF +VAT
Condition New
Type Aardenburg Lignum XL 270
Year of manufacture 2024
For sale / for rent For sale

Gimbal driven wood chipper (wood diameter: max. 27 cm). Order now, with a free sword!

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Aardenburg Lignum XL 270
- Weight: 920 kg
- Speed: 1000 rpm
- Min. horsepower: 85 HP
- Max. engine speed: 85 lg Lignum
- Max. diameter: 25-27 cm
- Internal inlet opening (width x height): 40 x 25 cm

Huge and extra powerful. If you need to process a large amount of varied pruning waste in a short time. Hydraulically controlled, heavy-duty wood chipper, ideal for chopping all waste into usable wood chips. Optimised for long term and intensive use, combined with low user load. Very suitable for larger fruit growers, municipalities, contractors and landscapers.

ADJUSTABLE - speed, feed height, chip size, chipping direction.
CONTROLLABLE - reliable and robust cutting and feeding mechanism.
COMPACT - foldable funnel for easy transport and storage. 360 CHUTE - easy adjustment of the ejection of processed pruning waste.
ERGONOMIC - hydraulically assisted feed system for low physical strain.

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Updated: 23 May 2024 at 09:59:32 CEST

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